When you’re feeling so alone
and your house is not a home
when the pain’s so deep within
there is a call, your next life lesson

When God takes you to that place
there’s something you need to face
in time you will discover
His love is truly a treasure

Take this time to listen, stop the self-pity, here comes the lesson:

I removed you from that place
on your knees you should pray
during your transition
let your mind find me again

Just ask with your heart
and I’ll take you so far
and when you land on your feet
remember to say thank you to me
for I moved you with grace
to a wonderful place

I was with you through your trial & tribulations
I felt your heart and those hopeless sensations
those are the times I carry you through
it would have been sooner, but faith lacked in you

Go forward, don’t look back from now on
your soul has been refreshed, once again—we are one