I stand before you “naked” not literally
you will see who I am, my true self—a lot of reality

I will not wear a veil
you will clearly see it’s me
I love myself and will not lie
it’s me I love and please

Along with all the truthfulness
I offer lots of love
it’s not given quickly
you must fit me like a glove

You see, I’m very simple
close to nature in my heart
I will not change to meet your needs
as our souls would grow apart

So if you want to know me
be ready for a ride
that is to say
if you’re not like me
you may have a lot to hide

I only want a person
who understands their soul
they walk in peace, a happy place
and travel is their goal

This world has much to offer
and there is much to see
anything is possible
when thoughts you have, become your dreams

I hope you are enlightened
and hope you’ve found your way
it’s how I think, how I work
and how I like to play

So if you can’t be “naked” and wear your “self” like me
only friends we shall remain
as you do not possess, the required key