I was too young when I watched the “Exorcist”
I had to sleep one month with the lights on
you see, the room was big
with 2 big dressers and 2 big beds
now could you imagine what I heard in my head

Then came “Freddy Krueger”
I always hated divided basements
but this made things worse
so when buying a home
the basement had to be open
but the middle of the bed…I would only sleep on one side
in order to get full sleep, before he’d pull me inside

Remember the old black & white “Frankenstein”
I swear one night he was leaning on my bedroom’s door frame

The “Count” wasn’t bad
but those little “Gremlins” added to my past
to this day I cannot sleep with my arm
hanging over the side of the bed
for fear a monster may one day grab it…


Happy Halloween!