I sometimes question myself. 
It’s not what I used to do 
because life was too busy 
with worldliness in my youth. 
I did what I chose to do 
based solely on what I knew. 

But with middle age 
new curiosities arise, 
thoughts of future years… 
I hope there’s plenty of time. 

“There’s got to be more,” 
has hit my soul so hard. 
Why is life 
suppose to be validated 
by what you have, 
or who you are? 

Time and money are exchanged 
for an average reality, 
even for those that thought 
they knew who they truly were. 

Decades and stages 
always bring about change. 

Have you yet heard your calling?… 
Those solemnly muted whispers 
residing deep within. 

©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved