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About-Called to Write

Life has chosen for me to write.  How(?)-when I let go of a grudge that haunted me on occasion, but for several years.  After its last visit on paper I finally let it go, and to my surprise I started receiving poetic thoughts and decided to write them down.  If I tried to ignore them, this energy would continue day and night.  I learned to release them by writing and I was encouraged to start blogging.  So here I am, sharing what comes to heart and/or mind.  When I listen to music, a lot of writing energy flows and I share them with whomever will get called to read.

I hope you are also inspired to find your way in life; when your mind and heart become cleansed, new blessings can come to light.  I find this is one key to life.  I have discovered many more, as you can detect in the writings.

Thank you for following your intuition and reading my “About’ page and for taking time to read my newfound blessing.  I hope I encourage fun and positive energy your way.  Life is as beautiful as you allow it to be.

Open your mind-awareness resides…

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